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Weight loss After Pregnancy

When I jump my stomach still moves after I have stopped….sigh I cant remember the last time that has happened.

I have always considered myself to have a jam belly, you know nice and firm and will wiggle just a little bit. Now I have a jelly belly and IT. MOVES. ALL. THE. TIME. I know that after a baby your body will not be in the same toned shape like it use to….i can say that all day but it still does not register with my brain.

Even after losing all of my pregnancy weight I’m left with a deflated yeast roll for a stomach. F*** I can tuck it in my pants!

So you know what….I have decided that instead of complaining about it lets do something about it. Lets face it I know exactly what to do. I have a fitness background and I have done it before, but it’s hard work not gonna lie.

I’m challenging myself to my very own 30 day bootcamp! Feel free to join me below. It’s beginner friendly….Hell I haven’t had a workout in about 6 months! I can do this! You can do this!


$25 for 30 days of workouts sent straight to your phone! Day 1 starts when you sign up!



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